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Pubg New News || Pubg Diwali 2020 News


Pubg Diwali Festival 2020 :- diwali festival news for all gamers. In 2020, pubg players facing so many problems to play battle royal games. People are waiting eagerly for good new. somehow we got news about pubg. Pubg going to collaborate with Airtel, Paytm. Is this news real or fake?


Diwali festival Pubg News 2020

To get this news read this article. November diwali festival 2020 good news released now. Also, our tutorial going to help you.

Don’t regret, pubg comming back soon, with alot brand new features. Every day new changes are going on pubg game. We have to wait and see when it gonna be live again.

You can check old news,

Pubg Game download, royal battle game for Android smartphones.

Airtel, pubg companies together taking pubg responsibility. Final decision come out soon wait and see.

New Battle Royal Game Badlanders Loot Survival Game


Hello friends, welcome back to this new big battle royal game. In 2020 alot changes done, as well some new are invited. This is new royal battle game in palce of pubg battle game.

Badlanders is a loot survival online game for Android, loot survival is a best option in this game. Shoot, run, hunt, taka all his earned things. Mainly concept loot. Kill and get all weapons.

Badlanders Loot Survival Game For Android

Today in interested on this new beta testing game. To play normal game you have to wait. If you missed playing Best Android battle games try this game.

We will showing game graphics, weapons, gameplay walkthrough. This beta game now you can play very easily. Check the latest game images.

Download the game using this direct download.

Gameplay Of Badlanders

Watch our gane tutorial, you can see the graphics, sounds, characters, closely


Super Mecha Champions Game Download , Fire Fighting Game


Netease gaming developers launched this crazy fire fighting game for Android, really appreciated game. This game came with 1.9 GB size. High graphic, almost highly trained real weapons are provided. Current running 1.0.8 version.

Super Mecha Champion Game Download || Battle Royal Game

Try this high graphic game which not available in the playstore. Battle game, you have battle with mecha, relese your mecha and fight for the crowns.

Fire Fighting game, various cities are involved in this game, selected cities and best game under 2 GB for Android.

You can set language English, Korea. Good experiencing game, you can select your enemy human vs human or mecha vs mecha. Play this battle game with best weapons.

Thrilling and best game for Android. Team work game, you can truly resist war against opposite team. Claim your win.

Download the game.

This direct download link, download the game, make sure your internet connection, or connect to the wi fi network. High graphic game. Online game.

We are showing game play of the game, watch it and enjoy the gameplay.

Cross Fire Legends BattLe FPS Game Download For Android

We are here for you to introduce best royal battle games instead of PUBG. Today I got one battle FPS game for Android, first person shooting game. Many best features are here to enjoy the gameplay. Cross fire legends apk for Android with complete installation guide.


Cross Fire Legends FPS Game Free For Android

Game designed with 3 modes. You will receive regular updtaes, you can upgrade anything in game. Free of cost to installation. Check gameplay.

Weapons, killing strategy, gameplay all are good. Death match, demolition match, bot match. You can select any mode.

To know more watch our video. First Download the apk of creoos fire legends game.

Download Cross Fire Legends Apk

After banned pubg, gamers are seriously looking for games like pubg, so, obviously I’m looking for pubg related games to introducing you. follow our previous post get like this games link.

Download apk of cross fire legends.

The best thing you can play without internet connection. Best graphics added to get best gameplay.

Every gamer will love this game. If you want. Any game le us know via comment section.

We are ready to give best games, keep folow and give support. thank you all my dear friends.

PUBG Game New, Latest Announcement, Updates


PUBG banned is sad news. all gamers are eagerly waiting for a new update, may that new contains PUBG come back, there are chances. Now the latest update is PUBG making a new contract with KRAFTON Inc. This is big news. their many companies announced but still the deal not done yet. Jio also made a deal. finally, October 2020 officially account hat PUBG servers are completely shouting down, no longer available to play.

Play FAU-G Game On Android, check features, Click Here

PUBG New Update || Latest INformation

The latest information with proof, which is released by the pubg corporation completely. there some rumors, truth. now we have to consider the truth, you can all new updates here.

pubg latest news

follow us get the news. The next day got this new announcement.


FAU-G Royal Battle Game For Android || Features


FAU-G:- Now Indian game developers trying to build royal battle games in place of PUBG. Every body knew that pubg banned completely. Now people are looking for the best royal battle game, which looks like PUBG in all perspectives.

Indian Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar suddenly announced that was a big news for all gamers, that Indian royal battle game FAU-G. ncore developers which is located in south India Bangalore.

You can try GTA 5 on android, the best high graphic game

FAU-G Features

FAU-G pre-registration started, November 2020 you can play the original games on your android phone. we have to see. now we will look at some best features.

This is coming soon royal battle game for android.

  • TDM match, 4 TDM
  • Campaign game mode.
  • Battle royal mode.
  • National language Hindi added.
  • English also.
  • Online game, internet connection required to play.

Expecting date November 2020. FAu-g game on android maybe becomes another best battle royal game. we have to wait and see.

High expectations, hoping game.

Download Doraemon Game For Android


Download Doraemon Game:- You can play the Doraemon game on android mobile, this is also the best game, also Doraemon best TV show.

I’m exploring in this post how to download, install, as well as gameplay. To play the game you have to install the game using the Doraemon apk file. file link obtained at the downloading section.

Also, try the best gta 5 on android, download apk

Doraemon Game Download Android

Nobita his friends and nobita mother, Doraemon main characters in this game. if you know Doraemon game you can easily identify all characters. don’t worry you can play.

you have to control the nobita. you will see all characters in this game.

Download the Doraemon game.

this file contain the top 5 Doraemon games, you can play all.

The high graphic game, game characters, sounds, controls very give best. like and share the file you like it.

How To Play On Android GTA 5 Game, Download Apk


Can you play gta 5 on android smartphone? Can you play best high graphics game on android like gta 5, wwe 2k20, etc? obiviouly, you can play. if you follow right process, that gonaa be very simple.

How To Play GTA 5, Requirments

You must know the requirmnets first ofall. i my way you have to download working file, install it, apk, obb file also requirment, so here im providsing working downloa link.

My best suggestion is use better smartphone, even this file support in all devices, but if you want to enjoy the game, follow my suggestion.

If you look at gameplay,in one word all aspects are superb. background, music, wepaons, wehicles, etc. mainly this so much attracts for youth.

You can fill your old dreams through this game, but the minus point, not availble in playstore, fan made game, so you can play on android.

Download The GTA 5 APK

Watch this tutorial if you dont know how to install, our tutorila support you.

Download apk of GTA 5

Note:- Not an official game of GTA 5, you can play GTA vice city official game. You can play comlete game on PC, PS4 Console. or try gloud games.



PUBG Latest Update || PUBG Relaunching Details


Every pubg olayers knew this pubg banned in India, that to game removed from playstore, but gane server been working. But October 30 pubg cancled their partnership with tecent.

October 30 is bad day for all pubg lovers, pubg servers completely shut down.

Also, try this best battle royal game

PUBG New Update With Proof

Now I will sharing this later update with you guys. This is an official announcement from pubg game.

Check the imgae proof first.

Now pubg game looking for new patner. KRAFTON Inc released new update, that is krafton Inc going to continue pubg server, so check above notification.


Omega Legends Royal Battle Game || Download


Omega legends is battle game developed by clash of clans developers. Another game for all battle game lovers. What’s the game play, download link, etc get the full description of the game.

Rouge heist is our previous battle online game, download

Omega Legends Game For Android

This is next battle game in this blog. You get more game like pubg battle games. To try very fomous, most interesting, new games you can follow us.

Don’t regret about pubg and try some other best games which are battle games. You may try many small game, here er brought completely battle games. The games completely support in your mobile.

At first, you have to follow the requirements. With out proper requirements, don’t try to play oftenly, it may cause to slow work.

In this game you can paly death match too. But, When? First of all you have to finish the level one, then the you can play death match.

High Graphic, shooting, action, game.

Download The Omega Legends Game

Now you have to install the game on your mobile. First Download the game file sucessful. Next find the game in your mobile, start installing the game.

Some time you have to use obb file, if there is any that kind works we will give additional information.

Download the Omega legends.

Download the game file from up to down. I hope you love the game. Atleast try the game and give your feed back with us. That may help us to find better games for you.