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Gamony Mixed Trivia

Gamony “Mixed Trivia”

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Recently US Air Force Global Strike Command successfully test-fired?

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The 2022 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit will be organized in ?

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Australia’s Darwin on September 12, 2022. Key facts The Exercise, which?

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which bank recently hit a major milestone in its digital currency development?

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Which country nominated as the first-ever SCO, The temple city of Tourism?

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The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) has 23 targets that the world needs to achieve by which year?

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As per Finance Ministry’s latest data, what is India’s gross domestic product growth in the first half of 2022-23? [A] 7.7 %[B] 8.7 %[C] 9.7 %[D] 10.7 %?

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Which country announced a landmark reform within the bloc’s carbon market on December 18, 2022?

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Social Progress Index 2022 was released recently. ContentsWhat is Social Progress Index?

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Which Union Ministry organizes the AI Pe Charcha (AI Dialogue) event? [A] Ministry of Electronics and IT[B] Ministry of Finance[C] Ministry of Science and Technology[D]

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