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Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

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Recently, a referendum rejected a proposal to replace the old charter with a new progressive constitution? which country?

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Britain’s longest-reigning monarch Queen died, Who?

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Recently India’s National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) and the British Government in collaboration with ?

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With the who's death of, Operation London Bridge became active in Britain?

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India-based Kalyani Group has launched India’s first “green” steel brand called?

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Which country has adopted a new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy to secure a stable?

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The central government has unveiled a plan for the conservation of Asiatic lions in Gir, a region in Gujarat. Titled ?

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In an effort to conserve one of the largest tortoise species in, ten captive-bred Asian Giant Tortoises, in which median?

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At where, The Indian Navy launched the indigenously-built ship INS Arnala at the shipbuilding facility of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) in?

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