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5). Albion Online

The game was first released in 2017, the newest MMORPG with Albion Online old-school DNA, and is completely free to play. With full-exploit PVP, deep, player-driven economy with profitable life skills, and apparently Runescape-like visuals, Albion Online is the most reliable upgrade to the MMORPGs still active today.

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In particular, fans of RunaScape, or Ultima Online and early Diablo, will be reminded of the dangerous concepts of leaving cities and exploring those new worlds. At Albion Online, you will be aware of the same kind of threats that are beyond your skill level, such as monsters or traps set by experienced gangsters. For many MMO fans, it’s included, the concept of risk versus reward that forces games like Albion Online to be very compelling. . Everyone loves Ranscape fans looking to restore glory days in a new, more polished universe. It is available on PC, Android, iOS.

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6). Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online is already widely acclaimed for playing for free, despite new entries on the list. And built an active player base. Common MMO traps – such as exploration, skills / life skills, player events, etc. Currently well updated. Black Desert Online stands tall among the genre favorites for its involved fight, featuring a combination of skill, manual aiming and free movement.

If what you like about RunaScape is definitely not a fight, Black Desert Online offers something new and refreshing. It requires more than proper skills to defeat enemies. Also the Black Desert broke away from the online MMORPG rulebook in more than one way.
There are elements like a day or night cycle to get the infrastructure built up and a unique experience. It can add beautiful, vast world and extensive font customization options.

6). The way of exile.

This is the only game that does not have MMORPG on this list. The Way of Outcast is an activity RPG. It is a dream come true for runscape players who can do without the “heavy-multiplayer” elements of the game. Exile’s Path has been highly acclaimed through a number of enhancements since its launch in 2013. That is, with its unique barter-based economy, massive and difficult progress system, it has become a business model to play with frequent events and true free.

Runescape is a learning curve with a Path of Exile that can stop most general fans. But if you have time, you will be rewarded proportionately.
The path of exile is filled to the brim with content‌ and demands every inch of it. It depends on your full attention. It is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

7). Project: Gorgon

MMORPGs – and certainly most appealing to RunaScape fans. Can see the freedom that their worlds and systems give.
Project: Gorgon is the title of Steam Early Access. It takes boundaries and throws them into the air.
As with Runescape, the only progress you can make is balancing and acquiring new skills. Except here you can not get unprecedented skills to choose from.

You can choose options such as playing as a barn animal, writing a book and donating to the library, or jumping into a lake when you catch yourself on fire.
Is in the manner of see and do. Changed,. Gorgon is the only obvious choice for Runescape fans to watch project making. It is also available on PC

8). Wakfu

If you do not want to support MMORPG, Wakfu may not be more suitable for your time. It has a light heart and humor that should impress runscape fans. But wakfu has a kind of defiance of style.
It makes one particularly fond of based strategic combat system, political system and eco-focus.

Provides a beautiful environment to wander in map and weather design. The professions are extensive and diverse. There is a particularly strong collaborative focus that makes playing with friends as enjoyable as random exploring.
But everything is so fascinating until the character design and fight of individual cities and monsters.
You will not find the joy of this fun MMORPG until your friends share it with you. It is also available on PC and Android.

9). World of Warcraft Classics

If you want to attack, loot and PVP like 2004, you should already be aware of this old school runscape.
But did you know about the same retro treatment with Blizzard World of Warcraft Classics?
Go back to the originals before its first expansion in January 2007.
This is a pure example of MMORPG and is considered by many to be the golden age of the genre.
The huge community that reunites after so many years of change gives you the obvious nostalgic magic you won’t find anywhere else.

Games Radar + impresses with its ability to recapture Blizzard with the World of Warcraft Classic, which also won the coveted Golden Joystick PC Game Award for the year 2019.

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