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Dhoom 3 game android :-  free app for Android mobile, by 99Games, Dhoom 3 game is like a free program designed for Android mobiles. It’s similar to the action game used by many today. I know you all love action games too.
So today in this article I will explain to you about this Dhoom 3 The Game which has a lot of uniqueness in action game.

Dhoom 3 The Game Requirements

Android 9.0 or above
Version of the software: 1.0.15
Languages: English and Hindi
License: Free
Total downloads: 1K+
Download Options: Google Play Store
In this article I am giving you the link to download Dhoom 3 The Game below. You can download this game by clicking the link below.

Free Download

Here are some details about this game which is very popular among children as well as youth.
You will know about Bollywood mega movie Dhoom 3. It is related to Yash Raj Films. Based on the storyline, the Dhoom 3 game is about the action of the hero and to create an adventure.
Below is the APK download link for the Dhoom 3 game. By clicking the link, you can download the APK.
(Download APK)

Dhoom 3 Game Procedure is about a hero Aamir Khan riding a super bike through the streets of Chicago to escape ACP Jai Dixit, Ali and the police.
For this, the hero Aamir Khan uses a high – octane fuel racing bike. Riding a bike and seeing the orientation of helicopters can be very thrilling even in heavy traffic.

Dhoom 3 The Game Features

# It made a name for itself as a unique racing game.
# To get a high score in the game will have to avoid obstacles in the middle of the way.
# Helicopters on the one hand and police on the other also need to escape.
# Power ups need to be collected.
# Need to unlock a new super bike.
# To look like the newest style, you need to collect new racing suits.
# As the fastest racing game of all the games related to Google Play, it has gained a lot of popularity.
Prove your exciting speed in this super fast game.

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