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The Kormo Jobs app from Google is an important section. Guided experience through job interviews can help you positively in finding entry level jobs. As you wish, you can get personalized job recommendations from certified employers based on your interests, qualifications and position.
Google has recently launched entry-level jobs for the unemployed in India through the karmo job app.
It is the first time such jobs have been introduced in Bangladesh.
For this you can create and download a free digital restart / CV.
You can apply directly and schedule interviews with a few tasks. It only takes a few minutes to launch your profile. So do not delay.


For this, once you sign up, you will also have unlimited access.

1). Get good fresh jobs from certified employers.
2). Includes the latest updates on real time tracking and job applications.
3). Its specialty is scheduling interviews directly through the app.
4). Start a free digital resume that you keep
5). Content Skilling is definitely useful as it will help you to learn and earn more as a newcomer.

Kormo Jobs mostly specializes in retail, logistics, hospitality and services. Not only these but also offers jobs like Retail Sales Associate, Delivery and Warehouse Operations and Customer Service Representative.

As I told you in this article, you
Try Kormo Jobs for free and today, look for your next job.Learn more about what you can get with the Kormo Jobs app:
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Additional information
Category: Free Business APP
Publication Date: 2020-09-21
Latest version: 2.3.0 Request Kormo Jobs update
Available here: Get Kormo Jobs on Google Play
Requirements: Android 4.1+
You can download the APK of the Kormo Jobs app for free by clicking on the link given below.
(Download APK)

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#1. Days in A week?

KORMO job search app in India

Kormo Jobs Spot Google has connected millions of job seekers with a wide range of opportunities such as on-demand businesses, retail and hospitality across fast-growing segments.

In addition to assisting customers in providing public calls, especially for entry-level jobs, the Kormo Jobs App can help teach new skills. And it’s also designed to make creating a CV easier. ”

 people find entry-level jobs

“In the wake of the covid-19 epidemic, job appearances have changed and job demand has shifted positively to new services, which require a variety of skills and experience.
Due to the current economic disparities around the world, all kinds of businesses are facing new challenges, but job seekers need to keep up to date to keep up with this change, ”said Bikki Russell, Regional Manager, Operations, Kormo Jobs , and a blog.

When announcing a limited launch last year, Google said it had entered into business partnerships with 25 companies, including Danzo, Zomato, Swiggy, 24 Seven, Ritu Kumar and Fabhotels.
These include delivery partners, security guards, customer support partners, field sales and marketing executives, and more.

Google India said in a recent statement: “In India, employers such as Zomato and Danzo have developed a number of plans to effectively find a job matching algorithm to find candidates with the required skills, experience and location preferences. , Over 2 million certified jobs on this type of platform, posted for job seekers ”.

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