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Friends, I am going to give you the full details in today’s article about your favorite Animal Crossing amibo cards. Find out not only what your favorite animal crossing cards are so far but also the latest ones to be added. As for the Animal Crossing cards, the latest additions to the Nintendo switch are the New Horizon Games, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and Animal Crossing: AMIBO Festival.

However, all of these cards are available on blind pack system , especially six in North America and three in Europe. Each pack also comes with a unique letter card as a guarantee.
The latest means, that almost 5 different Animal Crossing amibo cards have been released by 2020. You will be familiar with the Amibo Cards series. There are a total of one hundred cards in particular in this series. These hundred cards contain 17 special characters. The remaining 83 cards are regular Villagers characters. All in all these are available to everyone around the world.
Another thing about these is that the release of Animal Crossing Games with modern technology in the form of cards since 2013 will probably remind you all.
The newly released fifth series will feature 50 Village cards called Welcome Amibo Cards. Animal Crossing series characters that have gained popularity in the past are being made available again.


Where can I find Animal Crossing amibo cards?

These animal crossing Amibo cards, which are much loved by game players, are not currently in print in most countries. If the available ones are hard to find they can be bought at a favorable price. In the current case, the MSRP would cost $ 5.99. But currently these cards are only available in Japan. Also available in Europe from November 11th. They will be released in North America on December 2.
Currently by 2020 the cards may be available in the market for purchase only at the following shops.

1. Amazon Canada
2. Amazon United Kingdom
3. Amazon United States of America
4. Also available on eBay.

Latest List of Animal Crossing Cards

To view the list of Animal Crossing Amibo Cards embedded on our website, select the following links.
Here we have for you amibo cards, Series One, Series Two, Series Three, Series Four as well as Welcome to Series promotional cards and you can select what you want.

1. Isabelle Special Scissors One
2. Tom Nook Special Rock Six
3. DJ KK Special Rock Three
4. Sable Special Rock Four
5. Kapp’n Special Scissors Five
6. Resetti Special Paper Two
7. Joan Special Scissors Two
8. Timmy Special Paper Four
9. Digby Special Rock Six
10. Pascal Special Paper One

As mentioned above an examples, you can choose the ones you want based on the Amibo card number, card type, RPS and dice.

Here you need to remember one important thing. Their size and design may be different for Amibo cards. Each card has a single function. The software also needs to be updated to use all the cards.
Friends, with the knowledge I have, today I am going to give you the familiar details about Animal Crossing Amibo Cards. If you have any queries regarding these please let us know in the comment box below.
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